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Designing video games is considered a dream job by many, but the reality is that as fun as it can be, it takes a LOT of work. When you're a solo or small indie developer, it can be tough to get started, but even more difficult to see it through to the end. This is a community intended to fill that motivation gap, a place to find advice and resources on turning your dream game into an actual reality.

By following the teachings passed down through the Writtyn Wyrd, the Guru has learned several tips and tricks to the hardest roadblocks in game development, and he is here to pass that knowledge along. From start to finish, from the initial spark of inspiration to the exhiliration of a platform release, the Guru will take you on a journey to learn the Way of the Four Flames and discover a new and inventive process to video game making.

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Image Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash
Image Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

It's not enough to only possess the desire to make a great game, you also need the skill and talent to make it come to fruition. the Guru has fought the good fight against scope creep and negative feedback, has seen projects through from the initial seed of an idea to design and documentation all the way to writing code for gameplay. With that experience, the Guru has learned that the best means of motivation is having a community behind you lending support.

That is the reason for this site, to build a community of fellow game designers and content creators and forge a path to the future of Entertainment together. So many great ideas go to waste in a pile of lost dreams... No Longer!

It is the mission of the Guru to see those lost dreams ressurected, to provide a safe space for those dreams to be nurtured, protected, and grown to their full potential. If any of this sounds like a dream you'd like to be a part of, please join the fight, either on the Forums, in the Discord, or by signing up to recieve our Wyrds of Wisdom newsletter:

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Will you be the next Game Design Guru?

In a world much like our own...

In a time not far from now...

When a young programmer stumbles upon an ancient artifact known as the Amulet of Asension, it opens at his touch to envelope him in a world of Fyre! He discovers his Thyrd Eye has Awakened, allowing him a deeper insight into the very design of the universe. Inside the newly opened Amulet, he also finds the Writtyn Wyrd, an ancient manuscript said to hold the power to redesign Creation itself.

On a path to master the teachings of the Writtyn Wyrd, our hero begins the journey to learn the Way and harness the awesome power of Fyre!

Image Photo Original by Ihsan K on Unsplash

Now unwittingly embroiled in a long hidden war with the agents of a mysterious organization known only as F.E.A.R., the Guru must master the Four Flames:

ImageThe Yellow Spark of Inspiration!

ImageThe Green Ember of Growth!

ImageThe Blue Blaze of Endurance!

ImageThe Red Flame of Passion!

Each step leads the Guru further down the road to the ultimate power, the White Fyre of the Writtyn Wyrd!

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